Just About Visual Merchandising - Attracting Shoppers

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Visual merchandisingis the activity and profession of developing floor plans, fixtures and displays in order to maximise sales, of both goods or services. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage and encourage the shopper so that they will purchase the displayed items. We do, after all is said and done, Shop with our Eyes which is the reason Visual Merchandizing can either make or break a business. The purpose of visual merchandising is to:- Make it easier for the customer to locate the desired department and category.- Make it easier for the customer to find the products that they need.- Make it easier for the shopper to get other products that either match or blend in with their theme.- Make it easier for the shopper to find specially promoted, displayed or strategic goods.Shopping is a pastime that the majority of the population do not enjoy and would rather change the experience that they have. There is a problem with making a generalized comment on people going shopping in that there are certain stores that we love to visit, and others that we will avoid at all costs. Why is there such a very different experience between the perceptions of the different outlets? Quite often I have noted that a person will like a store from a group, and absolutely hate the same store in a different area.

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